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Based in Southend-on-Sea, I have long experience as a house handyman.  I can be your solution for home maintenance jobs.  Those irritating problems like faulty switches and sockets, intermittent door bells, leaking taps, blocked or leaking gutters.  I have 35 years experience of running my own homes and have met most problems from re-plumbing and re-wiring ( before the changes in building regulations!) to decorating and carpet laying, and removing an unwanted tree!
If the job is beyond my skills I will say so.  

I am investing in a growing range of equipment.  I have specialist ladders to give easier access in stair wells, a tall narrow-based scaffolding tower for access to high places in narrow alleys and roofing ladders.  This is in addition to the normal range of hand and power tools which is also extended to meet the requirements of the jobs undertaken.

I do not charge call-out fees, but charge a 1 hour (£25) minimum fee.  More than 4 hours work is charged at a flat rate of £100 for the whole day.

I can be reached on email (barriepage@blueyonder.co.uk) or phone (01702 610682 or mobile 07816 388987).  

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